New work for Facebook

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Together with Facebook's art director Simone Parmeggiani and the crew at Oliver Agency (UK), I visited Campbell Soup to capture how Workplace by Facebook is transforming their company culture. The brief I was given was simple: show us the people at Campbell in an authentic and unscripted way, focusing on their relationships to each other and to tech. 

Having a foot in the tech world myself, I loved how we moved away from the obvious corporate imagery and took more risks to represent what today's "work" - and technology - truly mean.


Maye Musk (yes it's Elon Musk's mother)

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When I got a call earlier this summer to photograph Maye Musk for the cover of DI Weekend I was a bit surprised, I was obviously familiar with her son Elon but didn’t know that much about his mother.
Turns out that Maye has been a professional model (and nutritionist) for the past 40 years and often brought her three kids with her when she was doing runaway shows. After the shoot we sat down for lunch and I asked, what her secret was to raising such talented children, she said "just let them be curious."


Some travel work

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From last years road-trip through California 

Call for Photographers

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It's time to dust of a project I've been working on for a couple of years. The Portraitist is a collaborative effort between myself and another photographer to create a dual self-portrait of ourselves.

In order to make the exercise a bit more fun I established a few rules:

-The photographer is free to take my portrait at any time of the day
-The photographer is free to take my portrait in any environment he or she prefers
-The photographer is free to take my portrait using any medium
-The photographer is free to take my portrait in any way he or she choose

My portrait of the photographer follow these rules:
-The portrait must be taken using the same equipment, light setup and background.

Send me an email if you wish to participate