Work in Progress

Added on by Martin Adolfsson.

Here's some work in progress from a side project I've been working on during some time. Prints are available for sale, please inquire to

Visual Structures is a series of digital compositions consisting of urban elements from Jakarta, Tokyo, Mumbai, New York, Chicago, São Paulo, Dubai, London, Miami and Seattle. Together they form an endless urban landscape of glass, steel and reinforced concrete, cast in a seemingly repetitive universal framework. 

While statues of Kings and Emperors were the manifest of old-world sovereignty, these structures come to represent the symbol of new-world Globalization. These vertical structures are not only a sign of rising prosperity but more importantly a coming-of-age symbol, especially in developing nations. Visual Structures is the representation of our modern civilization’s steady march towards global homogenization.

Digital Composite #1
Size: 125 x 22.7" (317.5 x 57.66 cm)
Digital C-Print
Edition 1/10

Digital composite #2
Size: 215.3 x 15.6" (546.9 x 39.6 cm)
Digital C-print
dition 1/10