The story of a master blacksmith, Mr. Keijiro Doi

Added on by Martin Adolfsson.

In the spring of 2013, Sandvik, a global engineering company, commissioned me to shoot a story on one of the most renowned blacksmiths in the world, 86 year old Mr. Keijiru Doi. Mr. Keijiru and his son Itsuo live and work in Sakai, Japan which is located about 45 min south of Osaka.

In addition to the photo story I also directed a 2-minute video which offers more depth about Mr. Doi's craftsmanship and dedication to details that’s required to make these +US$300 knives. The video also sheds light on an underlying human condition in the Doi family history, including his son and grandson. The response from the client was great, and spending a full day in the blacksmith shop with Mr. Keijiro and his son was incredible.

I believe that by offering both photography and video a story can become more compelling and rich. It’s also an efficient way to deliver a story that is aesthetically coherent across different channels used by consumers.