Dal LaMagna for Fortune Magazine

Added on by Martin Adolfsson.

"It took a lot of failures to get to success. I think anyone can be a millionaire if you set your mind to it. It takes focus, perseverance, and collaboration. You get more from collaborating with people than competing with them. If you're only in business to make money, you'll lead a very hollow life."

In January 2014, Fortune Magazine published the story I was commissioned to photograph on Mr. LaMagna. Former owner of Tweezerman, Dal LaMagna is now IceStone's president, CEO, and COO. IceStone is a company that makes countertops out of recycled glass and cement, in an astonishingly beautiful factory located at Brooklyn.

"I've gone from being a guy who wanted to turn the company around and sell it to being the guy who wants to turn IceStone into a green building-products company and build it, like I did with Tweezerman."

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